Dienstag, 8. April 2014

Alex Under - Recent Trapez History

This is the pulse of the moment. Wisper XL is one if those rare tracks you could play way after hours. 
(Resident Advisor, April 2014)

`... the deepest meaning of ‘collage’, defined by Max Ernst, is the general application of Arthur Rimabaud’s ‘delirium’: “I accustomed myself to simple hallucination; I saw quite deliberately a mosque instead of a factory, a drummer's school conducted by angels, carriages on the highways of the sky, a salon at the bottom of a lake: monsters, mysteries, a vaudeville poster raising horrors before my eyes”. We could describe collage as an alchemic compound of two or more heterogeneous elements, derivate by their unexpected approximation generated deliberately by the search of systematic confusion and distorted perception.
That’s Alex Unders' musical universe. Based in Madrid, this producer is the ‘CMYK’ label manager...´
(intro bio of Alex Under)

We are proud to have such a longtime relationship with Alex Under. From the very beginning on Alex was more than an artist, he is a friend to us, who accompanied us and our label Trapez through all the years. His prime record was the legendary LAS BICICLETAS SON PARA EL VERANO (Trapez 047) in the year 2005. That lead us pretty fast to his great album DISPOSITIVOS DE MI GRANJA (Trapez 055/CD5) and is one of the reasons, why Alex became a highly demanded live act all over the world.

After a very active period of live performances with partly 6 gigs per week, Alex restarted the cooperation with Trapez last year in an intense way re-entering the label with a remix for Taster Peter´s and Van Bonn´s ERODE EP (Trapez 144)

With the catalogue number Trapez 147, Alex delivered a bass monster, that is not for the weak but for the people who feel techno is still the energy flow. Resident Advisors comment on this record was like this "...Tender La Ropa is at once a distillation on Kraftwerk that twists tradition by adding a hint of Latin flair and let-go rhythms. Groovy and upbeat this is a party package for sure. Standout track for me has to be the restrained to wiry Hacer La Compra - I can imagine a Wighnomy Bros. mix..."

This month Alex let´s us have a peak in his vision of the "Teletienda" - the spanish version of a TV Shop Channel. In this vision he has some hard driving thrillers in the program.
You might see distorted pictures on the screens and the sound may remind you on some frightening scenes of Silent Hill. But we are sure: This set will accelerate your night!

Also does his latest mix for our Trapez show on sceen.fm
Don´t miss this power hour of his finest mixing art and his incredible good feeling for just the right tracks to get you prepared for a hard techno weekend.

... and let´s kick some ass!!!