Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

Interview with Trapez Artist LEGHAU

Where do you come from, country city? Please introduce yourself.
Hi, I come from the south of France, a little city called Montelimar. I’m 25 and started production & djing 6 years ago.

Is your city where you are based reknown for music…  techno or house music?

There’s only commercial music in my city & around my city , sadely.

What is your situation/the scene like, where are you Djing or playing live?

Actually & until the end of October I’ll alternate with 2 jobs + the music, because my plan & goal is to leave to Berlin next november after i have received  some new music gear. 

The two past weeks I played in Clermont-Ferrand & Paris, both were pretty good & I’ll play in Nice on January 24th at Minority Club.

Are you a resident in any club or organization?
I’m not resident but I’m a part of the Insomniak Crew based in Montpellier.

What club do you prefer to play in… what is important for you a club has to have…what kind of people, atmosphere..what are you keen on?

The size of the club is not really important, I like clubs with great soundsystems that is normal but it’s very important, not to have so much light, just essential things, no blingbling & with the dj booth it should be close to the peoples, so the club where I prefered to play is the Berghain.

About the peoples, I like when they’re interested by the music, everytime a pleasure to see that they’re feelling it, that they react to it  & then we can exchange our feelings.

Do you have any producers or djs you look up to, please name 3?
Laurent Garnier, Mark Broom, Rødhåd, all are amazing producers/dj’s.

What are your 5 all time classics of house /techno of the past put to now?

- Dj HMC – Cum’ On
- Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
- X-101 – Sonic Destroyer
- Laurent Garnier – Acid Effeil
- Dave Clarke – Just Ride

Do you consider yourself a dj or a producer?

Producer & dj.

Do you see a different in both professions?

I think that production is more personal even if it’s shared to the peoples later but the dj share something at the same time with the peoples. So yes for me it’s different sensations & ideas.

What is important for you when you start a track?

I don’t have a lot of experience & have to learn so many things but I’m trying to make something who look at me & what I love.

Your music is well recorded and produced, where did you learn it? who was you master?Are you an autodidact?

I learned everything alone like a lot of newcomer so yes I’m autodidact.

What do you use to produce your music?

Actually still using FL11 as DAW, using a lot my MC 808, a master keyboard from Arturia & as I said before I’ll buy more hardware this year.

What do you think about people doing music very quick with Live and chugging it out, what is your view on the present international scene?

Don’t have any view points on that, I’m focus on my music & my projects, I’m not an etablished artist, I just want to work a lot, learn things & so don’t spend my time to talk about this or that.

France has some brilliant techno producers  since 1995 ..what is secret behind the country being so up for harder techno---they say the more south in france the harder the techno is this right? 

I think in the whole Europe you can find very strong techno but I think that in France, you’ll can find the hardest techno in rave party, there’s still a lot of rave party in France who keep alive the oldschool minds (like in the whole Europe as well).

Have you ever played Germany so far?

Yes few times in some different city like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Giessen or Herborn.

What has been you biggest success so far with releases..charts etc etc.
For me, my best satisfaction is one of the last release I made called Rain EP on Skryptöm also everytime happy when some artist I like are playing my tracks.

What is a funny anecdote for the time you have been performing fanwise at a club or rave.

At a south France festival few years ago, I played during the day & there was so much wind, i put bags or everything’s  i could find  to fight  it around the area of the turntables but eventionally, the vinyl went in the public.

Whatdoes Leghau mean? Maybe there is a story behind it?

Actually & honestly Leghau mean strictly nothing, it just coming from somewhere in my head.

What are your goals with you career, what is important for you.

I’ve already realised a lot of goals so I’ll continue to work, to learn, to stay passionate & make what I love & we’ll see what will happen next.

Thank you :)

Upcoming Release

Trapez 151 - Leghau - Upsurge

Release Date: 10th February 2014