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Nick Dow - The Insect Parade - Interview for

This is the original Interview by Nick Dow at due to his Traum Schallplatten Radio Show on the 3rd January 2014 - Check our Website for his Release at Traum Schallplatten

Do you think/consider the digital technology in the music business more like a mercy or a curse?

I think the digital age is a great thing, Its much easier for music to be shared. Yes, the market is hugely saturated with a ton of mediocre music and yes, theres not as much money for artists in record sales anymore but who cares? The good stuff will always rise to the top and money has never been a great incentive to make music.

How did the dj‘ing change through the digital technology? 

There are more options; it's as simple as that. You can still DJ with vinyl if you want, theres no pressure to move on but if you want to do something different, you can. 

Where did you have your greatest performance? 

I cant pick the best one but I really enjoyed playing in Edinburgh last time I was there. My friends put on a charity event in this tiny little bar. Given the size and type of venue, I did not expect everything to escalate as quickly as it did but by the end of the night, people where packed in like sweaty sardines and dancing on the tables. I played my new live set and it went down a treat, was a really nice intimate gig. Everyone drank the bar dry so they had to close an hour early. Only in Scotland!

What are the fundamentals of good electronic music and what you think is the most important thing of creating electronic music?

I think, be it electronic or acoustic, most good music has some truth or story to it. Something drawn from real experiences and made with heart and soul. I think feeling in music is more important than anything else, no matter what style or sound your going for.

Please try to explain the relationship to the label you‘re working with? 

I have been working a lot with Traum recently and they have been really great. A super nice crew and they have been giving me lots of help and good advice as well providing a perfect platform for me to release my music from. What else could i ask for right now?

Who is the artist who always inspired you and enjoys your respect?

There are too many great artist to name but In electronic music, STIMMING is someone who I always thought was really great. I still can't tell what he's doing in his music most of the time and i've always found that inspiring.

Where do you see yourself in the world of electronic music in a few years?

I would like to think i'll know more than I know now. I would also like to think I will be collaborating with artists i really admire. Hopefully I will have written a good full length album or two. At least one!

What are the things you‘re doing besides producing and dj‘ing?

I've been getting into photography recently. I find it a great way to relax and a perfect reason to get away from the computer and out the house!

Are you fine with the schedule of and what is your opinion about

I think caliber of music and artists on Sceen Fm is pretty incredible. I felt very honoured being played along side such great names.

What is your ambition in life? Do you have a special goal you‘re pursuing?

Travel, experience different cultures and music. I always wanted to do a kind of musical anthropology where i would  study and record different traditional music across cultures and then combine everything together in a new way. 

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