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Traum Interview with Ryan Davis - New EP "State Of Mind" (Traum V169)

Berlin based artist Ryan Davis has just released his new EP "State Of Mind" on Traum.
He belongs to the few well known German techno artists who communicate their music through a very different kind of sensitiveness which has very little in common with the mass phenomena techno or techno house.

It is Ryan’s the fifth release with the label Traum, if you include his EP with French artist Electric Rescue, you may as well say it is his first solo 12" after his album which was released in June 2012 on Traum.

:::01 What does the new EP mean to you?

"State Of Mind" is my first real idea and 100% my own creation following the album, because after my album "Particles Of Bliss" I felt I had said as much as I could. After that I took a break and travelled and collaborated on projects with Electric Rescue, Pan/Tone, Undo, Applescal and Max Cooper.
I enjoyed working with these artists very much, witnessing different approaches and other fields of music. Every one of them has their own mature style and character which makes it so challenging to see if working together is possible. In the end the teamwork made me find my very own personal path again.

02 In how far is your new EP different to your releases in the past?
Sure, when you play my new record it is a 100% Ryan Davis one. What ever kind of strange track of mine I play to my friends, they always say: it sounds very different but also very much like you.
This applies to almost any track from me. I can say tracks like "Gyration" or "Collider" are 100% typical Ryan Davis tracks, they contain something I discovered with tracks on my album, which still fascinates me, sound-architecture which I don't get tired of.
The tracks a bit different are "Ghosts" und "Drone". "Ghosts" for example is clear and at the same time dirty, it is like a Tsunami wave that approaches the ground but it is sedated at the same time. That sounds like me but much more energetic/heavy. "Drone" is the most "different" of all my tracks. The fiddlings and the small changes are me but the sound is different, much dryer, less dreamy, but more dense and focussed... also more urgent.
It was great to be involved in a track like this.

:::03 After several EPs on Traum and a lot of remixes, your album last year was the first one you ever did. Did it attract different people and what did you get back?

The reaction was fantastic. The album as a whole one was accepted and appreciated. Not only the dance tracks but in its entirety... it affected people. It was nice and something very special to see fans coming up to me after the gig to have me sign the album. Australia, Japan, France it happened in all of these countries. So close my tracks are to the sound they play in clubs so different they are in harmony, feeling and composition.
It is this combination fans of mine say which makes me a connessoir  It is music which requires time and which you have to open up to totally to be able to enjoy it.

:::04 In how far has your long player changed you perspective on the music scene and what happened after it? Did the album have any influences on your new EP?

The album was a wonderful platform for a retrospective of my music. It also represented the full spectrum of my perception of electronic music in general.
One can definitely regard the EP as a continuation of the album and can rediscover familiar elements, elements which you are fond of. But you can also discover new things here, things which I came across after listening to the album in detail and I think one can feel that. I think this can develop even further!

:::05  What did you do within the last months, it has been almost a year from the album to the EP. Social things? DJing, playing live? Or just spending more time in the studio?

During the past months I concentrated pretty much on things which interest me as a human being.
I deliberately took a break from music. I produced less and hardly listened to music.
I played on good and well chosen gigs worldwide but not on to many and I took time to meet people, also thought about new projects and had good talks with friends.
I started with field recording which is very exciting. With headphones and super sensitive microphones you can recognize things much more in detail and to distill sounds and atmosphere out of it is quite unique.

:::06 Has anything especial in your studio changed? Has anything influenced your sound... literature or music by other people?

In my studio very little has changed, I started to play more intuitive through midi keyboards or record drums through pads to create more liveliness. In contrast to that, if one can say that, I have devoted some time to topics such as: humanity, economics and human drawbacks, as well as our treatment of other creatures and nature. Something that escapes our perception by ignorance and suppressed information. Things that we regard as normal but by transition of perspective change their nature drastically. That is the reason why I called my new EP "State Of Mind. It is all about questioning our habits to challenge ourselves. Which ghosts hunts us and don’t let us see things clearly. The "Drone" as an all observing eye - based in reality as a camera, or a trojan, or the inner secret service looking into our mobile phones influencing our subconscious mind-making the decision what is good or bad for us.
"Gyration", the rotation as our constantly changing perception through the lack of information, wrong information, or additives of information and new discoveries.
Last but not least the collision ("Collider") of thoughts, opinions and different ways of perception. This was very important topic for me and explains the title of my new EP.
The idea of the cover came from a Rorschach test, which can detect specific psychic states of the mind though pictures which is an interesting method.

:::07 What are you ideas for the near future? Another album on Traum?

For the future I do have plans to change things, I want to work with more analog machines, which are more intuitive as working with mouse and computer. This can eventually change my sound. I am very excited to use all this for my live performance, when the time is right. Till then all is possible, sound wise and life wise.

Thats what is so exciting and triggers new ideas. In how far I’m ready for another album that will be determined by that process and unforeseen things, but I can pretty much imagine it myself !

Ryan Davis at The Rooftop - Haifa, Israel

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