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Ryan Davis - Interview with polish magazine Muno.

Ryan Davis - Interview with clubbing in spain (Particles of Bliss album)

Interview with Harvey Mckay connected to his 12" release "Pressure" on Trapez in june 2012 distributed by Kompakt
You started dingj at the age of 10, what kind of music did you dj back then?

H.M.:It was mostly techno and house. It took me a long time to learn how to dj properly back then, as there was nobody to teach me so to speak. It wasn't like it is now, where you mates can just teach you, pretty much nobody did it back then in Glasgow, except the odd 2/3 people in my area, and I didn't know those guys, and that was out of thousands of people .

When did you get into producing.

H.M.:Got into production about 2003. I played about with it for ages having lots of fun, I put in a serious amount of hours. But it was not till about 2006 2007 I started taking it seriously, and started concentrating on nailing a sound and style of my own. That's when things really started to happen.

How did you get to signed to Soma?
H.M.:Their A&R actually contacted me and mentioned there were into what I was doing, and did I have some track's i could send over,  so I did.  I sent them over quite a lot of varied music thinking, the more i send the better my chances are that they will find something they want to sign. It turned out they liked all the tracks, and offered to do an album which was great. Soma has been a great home for my music over the past few years, and they have really supported me musically, and seen thing's in me that other's might have missed at first.

What is your relationship to them.

H.M.:To be honest i know them all really well, they are all like mates and we all have a laugh when we are together, and lets just say things can get a bit messy when we all get together :)

What is your favorite techno track of all time.

H.M.:It's a hard question. But it has to be Slams Alien radio remix by Paul daley.

It has had such a massive effect on all my productions to date. Its such a mean evil driving techno track.  It's structure and programming is so simple but effective, and because of that I learnt so much from it.  It's so simple that I could listen and figure out exactly what he was doing to make that track feel the way it did, it was a real eye opener.

What did you think is important about a techno track? What quality should it have?
How do you link simplicity and techno.

H.M.:I like to keep my tracks simple and driving, with a touch of funk and soul for good measure.  Also for me a track has to almost paint a picture in sound, that way you create something that has real personality and soul. Its almost like the track becomes it's own person, when I feel that happening then I know I am onto to something. When it just feel like beats or a techno tool that's cool, but once it has its own soul and personally thats where I think the magic lies.

You keep a low profile on the internet what is your philosophy here?

H.M.:I have always concentrated in making beats rather than posting and pushing stuff on people. I find making music addictive, and not Facebook. I don't dislike it, I just spend all my time making beats, as that's what its all about for me.

How do you get the analogue feel to your music?

H.M.:Haha thats top secret :)  I just tend to manipulate wav to make sounds. I also do more of my own sound design rather than use synths, as I find synths a bit too clean, and sometimes they lack soul for me. I had a Moog Analog Synth for a while, that was great. I learned a lot from that about synthasis and frequency manipulation to get that warm bass sound. But after a while I didn't need the moog any more, and I could get nice warm sound without it.

Your music is techno but has a deep core inside, how important is that for you.

 I suppose it is techno at its core. But to me it has to have a driving element that make you feel energised when you hear it, I suppose that drive comes out as the techno feel.

Are you using plug ins ?  or are you not involved in them at all.

I don't use many plug ins to be honest. But I do use Fxpantion Guru Drum sequencer, that's a great tool, I use that almost every track to do my drums and layer them up. It has a great function for adding groove,  so rather than a auto shuffle/groove setting, you can manually move each hit on the page of the grid to get the groove/ shuffle sitting exactly the way you want it. I found it using that made a huge different to the groove of my beats

Do you spending a lot of time when you select the sounds you use. It seems to be very selected.
Do you have a clear goal in front of you when you make music.

H.M.:Yes I do spend a lot of time crafting specific sounds and hits by layering them up to get them sitting right in the mix, that also gives the track the right energy it needs by making sure all the sound's have the right envelopes to give it the right energy.

What was you most famous release you had in the past.

H.M.:I would say probably Show Face on Saved records, that was a big track and it got to top 10 in a few places :) Though my Nightwalker track on Soma was a real break through track, that really kicked things off for me.

Your new track Pressure,  is the name linked to your gigs at a club called Pressure?

H.M.:No its more the feel of the track that inspires the name. It is a big track,  it has a feel that is slightly reserved in places but then powerfully bursts in.

What is your favorite club in the G.B. what outside?

H.M.:Well it's not a club as such, more a gig. Me and my mate Gary Beck were playing the Nuit Blanch festival in Belgium, and we didn't really know much about what to expect. When we arrived it was a shopping mall converted into a club for a night with about 3/4000 people,  it was a great gig and crowd, I really enjoyed that one

How did the track for Trapez come about ?

H.M.:I have been a fan of Trapez music for a while, and have a lot of respect for the label. First I did a remix for Roland of his Broadband track. But it was recently they got in touch and said they liked what i was doing could and I send them over some music, and now here we  are :)

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Traum Label Night at Rotunde (Bochum) 6th of june 2012

We played at this club in Bochum at the 6th of june 2012 with Ryan Davis live and Riley Reinhold chief of TRAUM.The club contained 4 dancefloors and was a former railway station for the visit of the Pope in the 50ies erected in a hurry and lateron closed.

Traum Label Party at Grelle Forelle (Vienna) 8th of june 2012

We do a label party at Vienna club Grelle Forelle with Riley Reinhold/Minilogue/Max Cooper at the 8th of june 2012.

Ryan Davis - Particles of Bliss -review on
Ryan Davis - Particles Of Bliss. Label: Traum Schallplatten Cat nr: Stijl: techhouse / techno / elektronica Release: 4 juni 2012 Oordeel: 5/5 -

Ryan Davis - Particles of Bliss (review on House Cult blog)