Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

TRAUM Diorama album release party 10th of september

Applescal live set- It´s july and we love

Applescal will play live in Cologne/Germany at the 24th of September at "Odonion".
Listen here to his actual live set and listen to his music on Traum at :

Diorama release party 10th of september with DOMINIK EULBERG

This official Traum release party will all be about the album of Dominik Eulberg on Traum "Diorama".
An extended dj set by Dominik plus visuals by Tim Fehske who had done the video for the track "H20" on the album.
Support comes from label boss Riley Reinhold and Roland M. Dill and "Zoom" dj Carsten Hutter
Location is the Stadtgarten , home of previous Traum parties in the past ion the middle of cologne.
See link below.!/event.php?eid=212343625488482

Official TRAUM party 24th of September at ODONION feat Max Cooper, Applescal

 We are proud to do another Traum Party at the "Odonion" in Cologne at the 24th of september, in a location famous for it's site on a trash yard and for it's outdoor facilities and dinosaurs made out of "steel and fire".
It is unchallenged the best location in Cologne where a TRAUM party with Dominik Eulberg, Bukaddor und Fishbeck and Extrawelt was held , which was fantastic.
The location also has 3 indoor dancefloors so also with bad weather the party will take place.
The visuals will come by Tim Fehske.

Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Ryan Davis - DJ set for Sceen FM- friday the 19th of august 2011

Tune in to for an exclusive Dj set from Ryan Davis for the TRAUM show.
The show will take place friday the 19th at 17.00-18.00 o' clock (CET). 

Freitag, 12. August 2011

Telrae 07

The Salz duo which has written the first 10" on the dub techno label TELRAE some time ago and will return with their newest limited 10" in august on Telrae.
Be shure to grab a copy since it is strongly limited and prior ones are all sold out.
There will be no repress!
Copies avaibale with Decks Records and all connected sellers in your area.

Max Cooper dj set for PROTON radio 3rd of August 2011

Roland M. Dill plays "Druckluft" at Bogen 2 in Cologne 19th of aug.

Roland M. Dill will play at DRUCKLUFT (Bogen 2) in Cologne on friday the 19th.
Trapez artist Roland M. Dill is the master of connecting polyrhythmic rhythms in an execeptionally artistic way. To put it in better words and  use the early TRESOR maxime, it is " MIX OR DIE".!/DruckLust

Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

Flourish_Midnight_Oracle (Zaubernuss04)

Video of Florish aka Jesse Somfays track " Midnight_Oracle"released on ZAUBERNUSS as a 4 Track EP.

Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Diorama remixes

The album will see remixes in sptember 2011 by a selection of internationally reknown artists.
Confirmed are allready  Bodzin, Jesse Somfay, Ryan Davis and there will be more announced later.
Dominik Eulberg will play at the official release party of his album in September at STADTGARTEN in Cologne Germany together with Riley Reinhold, Roland M Dill etc.
Exact date will be announced next week.
The visuals for the party  will come from Tim Fehske and will reflect on the albums concept.

Morris Cowen - Hasten Chimera (Applescal Remix) Zaubernuss

Small video done by Riley Reinhold for Applescal unreleased mix for ZAUBERNUSS.

Max Cooper Live show - Loom and Empirish EP

Max Cooper has established his international reputation through his releases on the label Traum and is to release his new EP " Empirish" on the label in September.
Listen to his new live performance.

MBF (My best Friend) introduces D-Nox

The label MBF has been in a lot of charts du to Kaiserdisco and Bukaddor,  Fishbeck and Piemont releases.
Now the label has a new artist on board.
D-Nox himself has a bit of a history, he is considered a legendary club Dj who had his residency in Düsseldorf, now he lives more in planes djing around the world. Destination unknown.

Helge Kuhl is back on label Paintwork

After his success with the track "Autumnbomb " his new song "Rainbowsnake" shows his talent for writing modern pop music with french twist.

Check Paintworks music:

Microtrauma - Emilia Ep

Microtrauma have their second release out on the label Traum.
They are widely compared to Max Cooper, but incorporate a german sterness which gives them their own identity.
View their newest video by UK artsist Carl Regan.

Martin Schulte dub artist records 10" on Telrae

Martin Schulte aka Marat Shibaev is one of the most innovative techno dub and experimental dub
producers of today.
He keeps a low profile and works with people who like his music, rather than following the fast path
to success.
You therefore find his releases in the underground of the music scene, though his track “Enigma”
was already nominated for the prominent Qwartz Awards 4 in the Dance Floor section, which puts
him next to Wolfgang Voigt who has won the price already.
His style of music varies between ultra deep and melancholic to more techno inspired dub.
Martin’s way of dealing with music offside the established scene, has had a huge impact on the
new electronic dub scene.
It has inspired a whole generation to experiment with dub sounds.
Martin works with synthetic sounds as well as field recordings acoustic quality which gives him the
depth in his releases.
TRACK LIST: A. Killer B. Overcast

Jesse Somfay aka Florish releases on Zaubernuss

Listen to Jessies songs here:

Zaubernuss- a new label for abstract non dj music

The label has been started just some month ago, allready UK artist Morris Cowan formerly known as Adam Tayler has released a full length album on the label as well an an EP, which put him on UK music magazine i-DJ mag as album of the month.
 Listen here:

He has an actual Dj mix out:

His second Ep will be out this year on Zaubernuss.

Applescal abstract electronic remix of Moonbeams "Motus"

After two albums on TRAUM and a 12" vinyl the artist from Amsterdam continues to release stunning music, still under the radar of the attention of established music magazines.
Far from being established himself the community of people grows that follow his work.
Listen to his stunning remix of "Motus" .

Telrae - label for techno dub music

 Electronic dub from Cologne.
The label is a collective of 4 people from Cologne including duo SALZ  that had relased their first music around 2000.

Dominik Eulberg interview - Diorama (Album)

Sadly only in german language you may still get an impression why one of germanies leading electronic artists draws more strength from nature than of urbanism.

Electronic music from TRAUM

We start our Traum blog to reach more people interested in electronic music.
We are running the label Traum out of Cologne/Germany and we wopuld like to introduce and start with our artist Ryan Davis. This is Ryans secind release for us and we teamed him up with our new visual artist Nicolás Gutiérrez.
Take a look at the video Nicolas filmed, Ryans music and Nicolas website.